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Technological advancement of today, search company with specialized knowledge.
Company ALU-KON uses its own technical know-how and their competence in performance of aluminum and glass facade, and offers its customers a complete solution and services.
The company Alu-kon through years of work on performance aluminum facades of all types, and windows and doors systems, got recognition as an established company, and aligned themselves in the top as the leading company in the country for this segment of business. Alu-kon currently employs 80 people, which covers the complete work of contracting, technical project preparation, production, installation and support to customers after the construction work.

Development of projects is done in our own engineering office where experienced engineers create projects, develop and monitor the projects from start to finish. So we are always able to modify and adapt the project while executing it, on clients request.

We are continuously improving and following the new technologies of production, and we have reached an enviable quality of our products that guarantee our work in reference list.

Alu-kon provides complete solutions for the aluminum cladding, aluminum window systems and doors, PVC joint systems, lining of the thin aluminum panels, and all kinds of architectural glasses.
production program
of the company Alu-Kon
Novelty in our offer

lines for the production of aluminum cladding
line for the production of aluminum window and door
line for sheet metal
laminated aluminum profiles and plates of length up to 7 m
line for the production of insulation glass
lines for thin panel
lines for all types of glass (cutting, drilling, grinding, enameling, etc. )
tempered glass to glass dimensions 2200×3600 mm

facades and roofs
glass painted in
the motives by request
about Us


Become the leading company in its sector in the broader regional area.


Our work is connected with the performance of aluminum glass facade, starting from the design, manufacturing, assembly, and complete orientation towards the needs of our clients. Our mission is to provide a complete service in the field performance of aluminum and glass facade, and on the processing of all types of architectural glass or creation of security glass. We are based on the principle of organization learning, and are capable at any time to adapt to the market turbulence. Our main potential consists of people with special knowledge and skills in which we invest.


Increase business on a broader regional markets. Develop and implement the most modern technology of aluminum and glass. Become the leading company in the field of architectural glass development technologies, for automotive and furniture industry. Permanently to respect the needs and wishes of clients.

ALU-KON Ltd., manufacturing, construction and trade
Paukovečka cesta 22
10382 Sveti Ivan Zelina - Goričica
Zagreb County / Croatia
MB 03661563
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GORIČICA, Paukovečka c.23 10382 DONJA ZELINA///Tel: +385 1 2065-746/2065-747///Fax: 385 1 2065-826

Zagreb office:
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