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Production program of the company Alu-kon

Advancement and acceptance of modern technologies of production, we reached the enviable quality of our products, which are referred in our reference list..

In manufacturing program of the company, there are various types of aluminum cladding, aluminum lining made of the thin panels, classic linings ,window panels and recursive systems. Appendix to this is the production of plastic windows and doors.

Production takes place in a closed facility surface 9000 m2 where setting up lines for the production of the aluminum facade, lines for the production of windows and doors, lines for processing sheet, possibility of laminating aluminum profiles and sheets up to 7m in length, lines for the production of IZO Glass, as well as lines for processing thin panels, integrates the overall production.

Independently we also produce accessories for the mantle of glass / stainless steel racks /, in cooperation with DOW CORNING company we produce the structural glass facade glass. Also, we have adopted manufacturing of facade systems, and doors of the most famous international manufacturers SCHUCO profile.
innovative systems
innovative systems
By continuously monitoring trends in architecture and the adoption of new technologies we are able to meet the most demanding performance requirements of all types of aluminum facade, placing photovoltaic modules.
It Alu-kon offers the possibility of contouring the facade of business and other public facilities, which are produced in motives as you wish. in a variety of themes, we are ready to apply a work of art using this technique, logo / trademark or something else, and by doing that the characteristics and functions of those fronts remain unchanged.
production program
production program
Aluminum facades is a combination of structural aluminum profiles and glass. In certain circumstances, exclude other materials such as bricks, concrete or plaster. Visual experience, which provided, as well as functionality, and quick and easy installation, the aluminum facade become part of every modern business and private buildings. More about this, you can find in our catalogue or on the page aluminum.
Types of the facade that we offer:
- glass mantle
- structural facade
- the facade semi
- continuous facade
- cluster facades
- windows and doors
- facade panels
- aluminum panels
- PVC windows and doors
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Use of glass in architecture is increasing rapidly in line with the trends. ALU-KON can meet all the requirements of the architectural vision of respecting all the criteria of aesthetics, security and energy savings. This is to realize the possibilities of expressing and improving the space in which we live. More about it you can learn from our catalogue or on the page glass.
The types of glass that we offer;
-Insulated glass
- Windows control of light and solar energy - glass
- enameled glass
- Screen printing on glass
- Ornamental glass
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