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Glass mantle / SPYDER is a system of glass surfaces on which are affixed glass performs “INOX” holders with or without construction. We can equip mantle structure in the performance of a single glass and IZO Glass “. How glass mantle seems to see the finished facility on the example of service, “Mercedes” in Savska cesta – ZAGREB.

Double facade is facade with two diferent and dedicated facades what gives you maximal heat and sound isolation. Facades are distanced 200m with ventilated midspace which is filled with protective aisle by need or only with distance of 700m with stepway for servising and washing facade. By this combinations you get great heat and sound isolation and maximum daylight input in same time.

Structural system of the facade are facades without visible bearing aluminum profiles. Facade running technique glueing glass to aluminum profiles. So derived glass facade is characterized by modern and attractive appearance.

Semi facade system are the facade of its prominent joints with a minimum width visible aluminum profile by window borders. Setting glass with IZO reflecting glass, and with glass it is possible to use some other materials, such as a slim rock panels.

Continuous facade system are visible facades with aluminum profiles, which is followed by a metallic structure. Gives the possibility of different performance profiles with external highlighted vertically and horizontally. To meet the architectural requirements and the full functionality of continuous facades gives the possibility of a different window systems.

Cluster facade is a system of cluster thin panels (4 – 6 mm width) or aluminum sheet. They are made as an independent facade structures or in combination with other facade systems placed on the wall or on sub-construction.

Systems for windows and doors
Construction of aluminum profile with interrupted thermal bridge or without. Our system allow all way for opening windows (openable, turnable, flexible, openable – turnable, openable – flexible) fittings, gaskets and other materials are purchased from top European manufacturers.

Inside division walls can be fixed. Inside of them we can integrate slide, slew or forgoing doors.

Facade panels are filled with polyurethane thickness of 40-150 mm mounted on the wall, steel or concrete sub-construction. Visible surface is performed in a different style (affirmation, color, etc.). Products of best quality materials and renowned European manufacturer, guarantees the highest quality performance.

Aluminum panels – covers performed excellent KAL ZIP system, with multiple protection for atmospheric. Quality assurance is using top quality materials from the best European producers.

PVC windows and doors
In the desire to assure all the needs of the market, as part of our primary production and construction we introduce all types of windows and doors from PVC material.

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