Glass and aluminum facades

About glass and aluminium facades

Glass and aluminium facades are an inevitable element of contemporary architecture. Over the years, the development of glass and aluminium facade systems has made the execution of remarkable and impressive facades possible.

Stakleno Aluminijske Fasade

Glass and aluminium facades consist of a bearing aluminium substructure, which is manufactured from aluminium facade profiles and filled by insulating glass. There are four types of glass and aluminium facades:


Stick facade


Structural facade


Semi-structural facade


Unitized facade

Stakleno Aluminijske Fasade

Stick facades

These facades consist of long vertical and smaller horizontal extruded aluminium profiles that make up the aluminium frame. Vertical profiles are suspended on a concrete structure, which guarantees a high bearing capacity of the facade system. Stick facades are mostly used for their adaptability to a broad spectrum of aesthetic requirements and economic acceptability. The aluminium frame that consists of the cover profile and which gives the whole facade an impressive appearance is visible on the outer side of the facade.


They are constructed in a similar fashion as stick facades, but instead of the cover, they contain a cavity between the facade sections, which is filled with structural adhesive on the outer side. This gives the entire facade a more elegant appearance.

Stakleno Aluminijske Fasade
Stakleno Aluminijske Fasade

Semi-structural facades

This type of facade is special for its profile system concept, which makes it different from continuous and structural facades. The edge of each section is a thin aluminium frame, which makes different sections of the facade indistinguishable from one another.

Unitized facades

Alu-kon has in its portfolio a self-developed element facade system. The system has been perfected by our engineers and used a number of times over the years. The self-supporting single or double element facade is a thermally insulated multi-layer aluminium structure for multi-storey buildings and consists of individual modules (E-element) that are delivered to the construction site as finished products. Pre-fabricated elements ensure a fast installation and maximum quality through production quality control and high-quality solutions for mounting joints. The elements are dimensioned according to the architectural design in different widths and heights of the storey. The type and arrangement of opening sections are agreed upon for every project with the responsible designer.

Stakleno Aluminijske Fasade

The most important projects that have implemented our system are the business complex Green Gold, the Hilton Hotel and the office building Zaprudski otok.

Green Gold


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Zagreb


Office building Zapruđski otok



The company Alu-kon has gathered an immense experience over the years of being active within this area of business, which enables us to make all your wishes and needs come true when it comes to facade systems. We specialize in office and public buildings which have a combination of glass and aluminium facades, aluminium windows and ventilated facades as complete building envelopes, in which we use profile systems and processed glass that achieve a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

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